The basic knowledge about SEO on page and off page

The basic knowledge about SEO on page and off page

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On page and of page SEO is your website ranking main factors having every page on-page SEO with off- page SEO is very important as it makes it very easy in search engine ranking to enable Google to come to fast page. on page basically refers to the website Content, Html, CSS, system, black Hat and off page basically means backlinks ,there are many types of backlinks


While on-page SEO refers to the factors you'll management on your own web site, off-page SEO refers to the page ranking factors that occur off your web site, like backlinks from another web site. It conjointly includes your promotion strategies’; taking under consideration the quantity of exposure one thing gets on social media, for instance.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is generally divided into two namely SEO On Page and SEO Off Page. Maybe if my blogger friends enter the world of SEO confused what is SEO On Page and What is Off Page SEO? I am also still learning about SEO , at first I also did not know About SEO On Page and Off Page SEO, but after I browsed and found lots of understandings ofSEO On Page and Off page SEO I can deduce myself exactly what SEO On Page and SEO Off Page that? in my post this time I will explain the understanding of  SEO On Page and Off Page SEO .

What is SEO On Page?

According to the results from several sources that I read I conclude the understanding as follows, from the name alone is SEO On Page , On Page means it's on the page. So SEO On Page is SEO that we do on our Blog Pages. For example, by adding Related Posts, Creating SEO Templates , Using H2, Adding Popular Entry Widgets, Customizing Domain Names, etc.

The Most Important SEO Example On Page

There are many techniques / Tips on On Page SEO , but the most important techniques / Tips on On Page SEO are:
  • Good URL structure
  • Quality and Original Posting Content
  • Page 404 that is User Friendly
  • Add Breadcumb
  • Optimized Internal Links
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  • The Right Title and Description
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  • The image is already in the Optimization
  • Fast Page Loading
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  • Verify Google Authorship on Every Page
  • Text Format (Like using H2, H1, Bold etc.)
  • There are no Broken Links or Bad Links.

What is Off Page SEO?

The opposite of the word On is Off, so we can conclude that Off Page SEO is the opposite of SEO On Page. If On Page SEO is SEO that we do on the Blog Page. Then Off Page SEO is SEO that we do not on Blog Pages

The Most Important Off Page SEO Example

  • Link Building
  • Social Media (Social Networking)
  • Social Bookmark

What are the Advantages of Off Page SEO?

The benefits of Doing Off Page SEO will also have quite an impact. Increase Rank in SERP, Increase PageRank, and Increase Exposure. Of course some of these benefits will greatly affect if done correctly in the eyes of the Search Engines. Then How to do Off Page SEO ?

Link Building

Doing Link Building is the most popular technique in Off Page SEO . Basically Doing Link Building is building External Links to Blogs, External Links to Blogs will be like Votes that build our Blog Image in the eyes of Search Engines (Search Engines). Some Examples of Link Building are:

Submit Blogs to the Directory. - By submitting a Blog to the Directory to get a Back Link to our Blog.

Comments on the DoFollow Blog . - By commenting on a DoFollow Blog . by commenting on the DoFollow Blog by using the Link to our Blog then we will also get a Backlink.

Signature in the Forum. - By using the Link to Blog as a Signature in the Forum.

Exchange link. - By exchanging links with other blogs.

Social media

Many people are still confused about this one technique. Does Social Media also include Link Building? The link that we get from most social media is the " NoFollow " link ? Eiiitt. make no mistake it turns out even though the link we get from Social Media is a Nofollow Link , but that does not mean it has no value. Some SEO guidelines actually say that Social Media will also improve SEO.

Social Bookmarking

Maybe this technique is not too popular but Social Bookmarking is still a natural and good way to promote Blog Content and get Traffic.


There is nothing more important between SEO on Page and SEO Off Page. Because SEO On Page and Off Page SEO is a single unit that is certainly inseparable. If my friends Blogger wants to succeed in doing SEO. Of course Blogger friends must do both.

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