Jnews Theme Free Download for WordPress

Jnews Theme Free Download for WordPress

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Hello my friends, If you search for the responsive, personal, customizable, news theme, professional...  wordpress template you will find many articles on it. As a wordpress user, I have used a lot of wordpress template in many years. Today, I recommend you Jnews WordPress Theme.


Jnews Wordpress Theme

Jnews WordPress theme is a new and emerging theme as the best WordPress blog, news… theme today. So what does Jnews have that can sell well and be appreciated? In this article, I will review the Jnews theme and share the latest and free Jnews copyright for you.

Currently, when it comes to news, magazine or blog themes on the WordPress platform, the first name mentioned is Newspaper. It is a best-selling news theme on Themeforest and is used a lot on the world.

You can easily customize the look and feel of your homepage into different themes very easily with the support of the powerful Visual Composer. Compared to Newspaper, Jnews is probably a bit behind in terms of this interface customization support tool.

Jnews still uses Visual Composer, but almost all the widgets inside have been reworked with a full range of content display styles for users to customize. As for the Newspaper theme, it has its own customization tool, which is TD Composer, basically still developed on the basis of Visual Composer, but much improved.

With customizable Visual Composer, Jnews allows you to easily create your homepage according to your wishes. And I found that, although using Visual Composer to create the homepage, the Jnews code is very streamlined and light, lighter than Newspaper.

Theme Panel

Perhaps, the most disappointing point in Jnews is that there is no Theme Panel. If you have used Newspaper, with a Panel theme that collects all settings in one place, then when using Jnews, you have a slight disappointment.

Jnews puts all its settings into the Customize interface in the Appareance section like simple WordPress themes.

I hate this Customize interface, every time I customize it, I have to wait a few seconds to reload the interface for that customization, but it's extremely heavy even though I'm using a computer, it's not weak.

However, in return, customizing Jnews located in this Customize will help you quickly see your changes, so it's okay, and each change affects any part of the web, Jnews will switch the quick view interface to the section. there. For example, if you edit the customizations related to Category, then Jnews will switch the quick view page to a certain category of yours.


Not to mention the ability to customize the homepage, because I said it above. In this section, I will talk about the ability to customize the rest of the web such as Posts, Categories, archives...

Compared to this section between Jnews and Newspaper, I think that Jnews only gets 8 points, and Newspaper gets 10 points.

These 2 themes have the ability to customize the look and feel of posts, categories, and archive pages. However, Jnews does not have the ability to customize the post interface of each article, that is, there is no option to customize the interface for that article, which Newspaper has and is very good. You can see that themes that use Newspaper may have a different header for each post, but Jnews has only one.

Another weakness of Jnews, is that it is not possible to customize a separate sidebar for a certain category. My previous need was to use the sidebar to display WordPress articles for articles in the WordPress category, Newspaper did a great job, but Jnews couldn't cry. The Jnews theme only has general customization for the entire category, not for individual customization for each category.

Also, most of Jnews' options are split into separate plugins, rather than adding them all at once. This is also the reason why Jnews does not have a Theme Panel. What parts do you need to customize, how do you want to change the interface, you can download those optional plugins from the Plugins section of Jnews.

Support ad placement

A news WordPress theme, the ability to support ad placements is also one of the top criteria. And with this criterion, Jnews can be said to eat Newspaper.

For a specific example, the Newspaper theme only supports 3 ad placements inside the article content, which are top, inline and bottom. But with the Jnews theme, this number is 8, with 1 top, 1 bottom, 3 inline and 3 more parallax inline slots.

Having 6 inline positions including 3 normal ad slots and 3 parallax ad slots can help you spread your ads more evenly into your content, especially with long articles. Also, there are 2 more positions outside the post layout, that is, above and below the post, close to the top and bottom positions of the post.
In addition to the positions placed inside the article, Jnews also supports other placements such as in the Header, sidebar or footer.

The advertising slots all support Google Adsense, you just need to provide the pub id and slot code and the ads can work right away.

Customize Header

Speaking of headers, perhaps among WordPress themes, the best header customization is from the famous Flatsome theme. And now, you can customize the header of Jnews exactly the same.

The Newspaper theme is just the headers available for you to use, not the ability to customize according to your needs.

Page loading speed

A very important criterion when choosing a WordPress theme.

If you only evaluate the page load speed according to Google Pagespeed, then you will probably see that both Jnews and Newspaper can be optimized to 100 points.

At the same time, Jnews already supports compressing js, css, html, moving js css to the bottom of the page... But Newspaper does not, you can only use the Autoptimize plugin to do this.
Both Jnews and Newspaper have Lazyload (in settings), however, I think Newspaper's Lazyload is just an effect, it's not really Lazyload. I check the request number of the website. Noticed that with Jnews, every time I scroll down, the number of requests starts to increase when downloading more photos. However, with Newspaper, this number is fixed, which means that the images have all been downloaded, and the effect is just a nice effect.

In addition, the feeling of loading Newspaper when there are ads (Adsense for example) is quite annoying for users. You know that when adding Adsense ads, the loading speed will be significantly longer. But Newspaper's image loads last, after the image in Adsense, causing the page to appear white at first, causing the web to load very heavily.

But not Jnews, Jnews loads images and content very quickly and appears first, then starts loading Adsense ads.

Standard SEO data structure

By default, the Jnews theme has optimized support for the web, SEO standard data structure through their Jnews Schema plugin. With this plugin, it will help you to declare complete information through the JSON LD Schema structure.

Jnews Wordpress Theme Features

Features Test
Layout Modern
Widget Friendy
Responsive True
Mobile Friendly True
Page 404 True
SEO Friendly True
Related Post True
Box Share True
Author Profile Widget True
Ads Optimizing True
No Encrypted Scripts True
Label Widget True
Banner Ads Widget True
Popular Posts Widget True
Featued Post Widget True
Remove Footer Credits True
Dark Mode True

Template Author: jnews.io

Jnews Wordpress Theme Download

Themerum.com don't own this theme, we just recommend it to you. You can buy it by click on Premium button bellow. If you have any problem about copyright please mail to us. Thank you, my friends!

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