VTrick v1.8.26 Blogger Template Free Download

VTrick v1.8.26 Blogger Template Free Download

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Hello my friends, If you search for the responsive, personal, customizable, beauti, professional...  blogger template you will find many articles on it. As a blogger user, I have used a lot of blogger template in many years. Today, I recommend you VTrick v1.8.26 Blogger Template.


Blogspot is a product of Google that allows you to create a personal page (Blog) completely for free. Google acquired Bogspot in 2003 and develops them to this day. Blogger is considered the largest and most stable blog social network in the world.

Blogspot allows you to create a free blog with a domain name: subdomain.blogspot.com or you can use your own domain name to use completely free of charge.

VTrick v1.8.26 Responsive Blogger Template

VTrick Creative Blogger Template Free Download 1.8.26 Premium Blogger Templates, VTrick Creative Blogger Template v1.8.26 is inspired CSS-Trick and falls under the category of personal templates. Vietrick offers a free template.

VTrick Blogger Template is compact, lightweight, and easy to use. This template was based on the Colorify LiteSpot template. Some things have been optimized accordingly.

Dark Mode
All current templates support Dark Mode, and so does VTrick.

New comment hierarchy
I felt that the old commenting system was too boring so I made a small change. I hope you enjoy it.

Fake Rating
Many of you asked me how to add a Blogger 5 rating after I had made the first version public. This feature is a huge requirement and I realized it was necessary so I integrated it into my VTrick template.

Why is this a fake product?
This problem is actually very simple. Based on real needs, people incorporate Posting Rating to provide rich Google results. Your article has been rated 5 It’s not fun if a guy plays bad games and votes 1 star. This “pha-ke” feature allows you to control the post rating on your blog.

There are many online instructions on how to add a 5-star review for Blogger. You can learn more if you’re interested.

Fake Post Rating now automatically rates 4.5 or higher. You can however rate the article using 2 attached links (enclosure hyperlinks).
  • http://ra.post – 0.0 -> 5.0 rating out of 5
  • http://rc.post (int) Number of reviewers
Call to action button
This feature is very useful and I believe it will be a good fit for merchants. It has been added to the template.

The template currently supports multiple CTA button templates:
  • Calling
  • Messenger
  • Telegram
  • WeChat
  • Whatsapp
  • Zalo
CTA Section Syntax: Call, messenger, zalo and telegram. Wechat, whatsapp.

Ticker News
This feature can be used on any blog with a lot of content.

Advanced preload
This feature speeds up blogs and takes advantage of browser caching. This feature will preload article content if the user hovers over an article link within the blog.

Featured image ratio
Recognizing your comments, I’ve changed the ratio of the article avatar to 16:9. It was also possible to use a 16:10 ratio, but this is not compatible with the VTrick template.

Multiple ADS slots
The template now has many ADS locations that can be used to meet the needs of bloggerspot players.

VTrick v1.8.26 Responsive Blogger Template Features

Features Test
Layout Version 3
Widget Version 2
Responsive True
Mobile Friendly True
Page 404 True
SEO Friendly True
Related Post True
Box Share True
Author Profile Widget True
Ads Optimizing True
No Encrypted Scripts True
Label Widget True
Banner Ads Widget True
Popular Posts Widget True
Featued Post Widget True
Remove Footer Credits True
Dark Mode True

Template Author: vietrick.com

VTrick v1.8.26 Responsive Blogger Template Download

Themerum.com don't own this template, we just recommend it to you. You can buy it by click on Premium button bellow. If you have any problem about copyright please mail to us.

Thank you, my friends!

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