Top 8+ Best Highest Paying Google AdSense Alternatives 2022

Top 8+ Best Highest Paying Google AdSense Alternatives 2022

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Try these top-paying ad networks that are alternatives to Google AdSense. If you are one of the people that get a lot of organic traffic from search engines, you can increase your income by employing the best banner ad networks and simple Adsense optimization strategies. Check out these highest-paying Adsense alternatives to start making money from blogging if you're still waiting for AdSense approval. 

Here are the top CPM Ad Networks that are 8+ the greatest high-paying alternatives to Google Adsense for making money. The ideal option for publishers to look into and test Adsense alternatives for many reasons to generate money online is through these contextual ad networks.

What are the greatest ways for bloggers to monetize their sites, inquired several online publishers? Is it possible to monetize a site without using AdSense? List of the top Adsense substitutes for increased revenue? latest lucrative ad networks to get extra income? Any new ad networks with the highest CPM rates for publishers or the updated ad networks support monetizing a blog, among other things...

As a professional blogger, I can affirm that practically all bloggers & publishers still find Adsense to be the top online revenue source. With Google Adsense, aspiring professional bloggers and publishers are making sizable sums of money. However, there are other Adsense alternative ad networks that are accessible that will help you monetize your content-rich websites and blogs without Adsense if you are unable to work with Google Adsense due to a variety of factors.

You've come to the right place if you're wanting to test the best blog monetization programs and want to keep your ad revenue diversified with the highest-paying alternatives to Google AdSense to increase revenue for your site. I've evaluated more than 50 carefully curated top alternatives to Adsense for publishers so far, and only the best and highest paying ones are mentioned here. As someone who has successfully monetized their blog, I would advise you to test out the contextual ad networks listed below rather than limiting yourself to just one. This will allow you to determine which program works best for your content and micro-niche blog.

With the support of the variety of ad types on your website, each ad network offers something unique to help you make more money from your ad space and open up more revenue streams. Even if you weren't successful in getting an approved Adsense account, try to monetize your micro-niche blog with affiliate items.

I've included the best CPC/CPM ad networks for making money online through blogging. After applying your content, you can immediately begin earning money. Although some ad networks are difficult to join, their CPM rates are significant. Since every ad network functions differently for various users, I would like to advise you, particularly newcomers to the blogging industry, to experiment with several advertising networks before deciding which one is most effective for your blog, your niche, and organically generated targeted traffic.

To monetize my website and blog material, I've tested a number of ad networks. Here, I've reviewed only the best CPM ad networks to find the best fit for my niche audience. Only the high CPM rates for publishers are considered in the measurement. Publishers using CPM/CPC ad networks may be earning $100–$1000 per day on the market. Therefore, it is advised to avoid looking and wasting time testing hundreds of ad networks and instead choose tried-and-true higher-paying monetization ad networks. 

These are also the top display ad networks and the best Adsense alternatives for Indian visitors. You can add some extra income streams thanks to these top banner ad networks and PPC advertising networks. Finding the best contextual ad networks, fixed CPM ad networks, better CPM rate publishers, and Google Adsense optimization is just one aspect of the process.

One of the ad networks will provide you free money in exchange for using their services; for example, when you sign up, you can gain $25 by adding your website.

These Google Adsense substitutes in particular are intended for small publishers and bloggers with Indian traffic who need web advertising services. Find the most effective approach to promote, try to monetize your website or blog, and learn how to use these high-paying ad networks to get paid for each banner or ad impression.

Today, we'll look at the TOP PPC NETWORKS for publishers looking to monetize their blogs online.

Best Highest-Paying CPM Ad Networks to Replace Google Adsense for Blogging

These ad networks are the best and most reliable. To start making money from your blog and online material, you only need to apply. I personally evaluated more than 72 Ad networks across all of my websites, and based on my findings, I now advise you to try the top CPC/CPM/PPC Ad networks.

#1. Adsterra - Increase Your Income

Adsterra - Increase Your Income

Adsterra is a highly lucrative display advertising network that focuses mostly on motivating website owners and beginner bloggers to increase their revenue through their traffic and content. This is one of the better choices for monetization, and I strongly advise you to try it out. The results will no certain astound you.

Ads Types:

  • Standard banners, leaderboards, skyscrapers, wide skyscrapers, and Mobile Banner are the different ad types.
  • All of these smart ad units are fully mobile-optimized and auto-responsive.


  • CPM, CPA, CPI, CPL, and CPM price rates are the highest
  • Personal account managers with real-time reporting
  • Quick payments are made using a variety of payment options
Payout System:
  • Publisher payments are processed twice a month with a $100 minimum payout via PayPal, bank wire, or check.
Additionally, Adsterra offers all varieties of online advertising ad types, including display banners, pop-unders, interstitials, and pop-ups. Look for fresh business chances. With the best, highest-paying Adsterra Network, you may increase your monthly revenue.

#2. Media.Net

There are the greatest PPC ad networks available when there is a chance to make money online through blogging. The best alternative to get extra money from blogging was covered in length in our previous article, Media.Net Ad Network Review. You should look at that page. It offers contextual advertising solutions and optimized dynamic ads for Web publishers with the greatest CPM/RPM ad prices per impression.

Minimum Payout:
  • $100 minimum compensation must be made via PayPal, bank wire, or check. Payoneer is advised for use.
I wholeheartedly urge you to make use of's Yahoo! Bing Network Contextual Ads to raise as much money as possible from your online content.

#3. Sulvo: Instantly boost ad revenue

Sulvo: Instantly boost ad revenue

You should test this CPM, CPC, and PPC ad network, which is highly recommended. The Sulvo will assist you in reaching the top position in your present inventory and will help you optimize your expected revenue.

It offers cutting-edge optimization technologies that motivate you to trade each impression at the maximum CPM/PPC rates. They give you information on how to sell your content more effectively and cross-platform demand that you can rely on.

With Sulvo, your revenue is about to increase thanks to greater CPM rates that are highly lucrative than anywhere else. By allowing more ad networks to compete for the ad impressions on your blogging site, their technology ensures that you get the highest CPM possible.

To improve your ad profits quickly, I advise you to try the highest CPM and RPM PPC paying network, which also works on mobile devices in addition to desktops. $50 must be received as the minimum compensation via PayPal, check, or Payoneer. It is advised to use Payoneer to receive a $25 FREE SIGNUP BONUS.

Ads Types:
  • Sticky Multimedia Ad Formats
  • Mobile Sticky
  • Display Stickers
  • Regular Video Display
Ad Size:
  • 160x600 skyscraper, 300x600 wide skyscraper, 300x250 medium rectangle, 336x280 large rectangle, 728x90 leaderboard, and 970x90
Payout System:
  • Payment options include PayPal, Payoneer, checks, and direct deposits.
  • [Use of Payoneer is advised]
  • $50 is the minimum payout threshold.

#4. Ezoic: 250 Percent Growth in Adsense Revenue

Ezoic: 250 Percent Growth in Adsense Revenue
Ezoic is a reliable and the biggest website optimization platform in the world. It was Google's first American Adsense partner. You should be aware that Google Adsense has been certified as the first and largest automated website testing platform. Ezoic can assist you in increasing website revenue by up to 200 percent. The program is open to anybody.

I strongly advise you to give it a try right now because it contains all of your top high-paying CPC ad networks to increase your website earnings.

#5. Adversal -Most effective CPM banner ad networks

Adversal -Most effective CPM banner ad networks

One of the top banner ad networks that offer the highest cost per impression for mobile advertising. One of the greatest Google Adsense alternatives to monetize your site online is Adversal, which is featured as the second option after Google Adsense. They debuted in 2003 but later developed their ad style and included several ad types, such as PPC ads, contextual ads, and video ads. Adversal is also compatible with Adsense advertisements.

They are well-liked because of their speedy approval and simple ad integration. Adversal is the greatest CPM ad network in the online marketing and advertising space because it pays for both clicks and ad impressions and because its CPM rates are far greater than those of any other ad network. A new reporting system called Adversal Dashboard displays statistics on impressions, clicks, profits, CPM, and CTR every three hours.
Ads Types:
  • Skyscraper and broad skyscraper, mobile banner, leaderboard, pop-under, ministerial
Requirement To Get Approval:
  • Your website or blog must be in English, and you must receive 50,000 monthly page visits.
  • Original content [no unlawful or pirated stuff]
  • Regularly updated websites with no pornographic content
Payout System:
  • $20 minimum payout by PayPal, bank wire, or check. Payoneer is advised for use.
In conclusion, I'd like to note that Adversal is well recognized for its high CPM rates and cheap payout, which is why every publisher wants to give it a try. I strongly advise all publishers who use Google Adsense to also test Adversal.

#6. Advertopia- The best CPM ad network.

Advertopia- The best CPM ad network.

Adversal's advertising network is precisely the same as this one. They both offer Google advertising that is comparable to one another. After the things mentioned above, this is the best advertising network I have seen. As a publisher signing bonus for all the Publishers, you will receive $10 here. Within 24 hours of signing up, you'll get a $10 credit to your publisher account.

Ads Types:
  • CPM, POP, Standard Banner, Leaderboard, Skyscraper and Wide Skyscraper, and Mobile Banner are the different ad types.
  • All of these smart ad units are totally auto-responsive and mobile-optimized.
  • 100% completion rates
  • greater eCPM
  • rapid site acceptance
  • also functions in low traffic
  • Payments to publishers must be at least $20 and processed weekly via bank wire, PayPal, or check. Payoneer is advised for use.

#7. PropellerAds - The Most Effective Popunder Advertising Network

PropellerAds - The Most Effective Popunder Advertising Network

The best feature of PropellerAds is that anyone in the world may quickly link their website to this Ad Network and receive permission.

A new, highly lucrative digital advertising network designed for CPM/CPA ads is called PropellerAds. Was founded in the UK in 2012, and it is currently a rapidly expanding advertising company that uses targeted reach & quality inventory, ensuring a 100 percent fill rate for your international search traffic and promising the highest CPM rates.

The goal of PropellerAds is to provide advertisers with dependable performance and to increase publisher income. They actually stand out among the top popunder ad networks on the market.

This network just claimed to pay $8 for every 1000 impressions in a Facebook advertisement that I recently saw. They have a 100% fill rate for all types of visitors from any country, as I mentioned, and offer a variety of ad formats for all types of publishers to monetize website content.

Ads Types:
  • Popunder, mobile Dialog, and mobile Interstitial
  • Quick Links
  • Native interstitial advertisements
  • Dialog and push-up banner advertisements
  • No Traffic Limits to Join Rapid approval: You do not need to wait for your site to get approved.
  • Premium advertisers with a 100% fill rate
  • Higher ad rates and competition
  • An expert team and committed support
  • worldwide reach Running Various Ad Formats
  • Best & Dedicated Real-Time Online Reporting System
Payout System:
  • Publisher payments are done monthly with a minimum payout of $100 by PayPal, bank wire, or Payoneer. Payoneer is advised for use.

#8. PopAds: The premier pop-under network

PopAds: The premier pop-under network

As the name implies, PopAds offers popunder (pop-up) adverts and is regarded as the highest-paying pop advertising network when compared to other networks that operate similarly to AdSense Alternatives. It is the quickly expanding substitute for Google AdSense that enables you to design, manage, and generate significant cash from pop-up advertising.

Additionally, they provide a greater cost per click (CPC), and a referral scheme is available to you.

Requriements to Get Aprove:
  • The language of your website or blog must be English.
  • Original content [No illegal or pirated materials].
  • No explicit material.
  • monthly minimum of 1000 visitors
  • $4.00 maximum
  • Modernized bidding process

Payment Options:
  • PayPal
As Google continues to tighten its grip on the advertisement market, many bloggers are looking for alternatives to AdSense. With the help of this blog, you've been given a comprehensive overview of the 8 best high-paying Google AdSense alternatives that you can use to make money blogging. So what are you waiting for? Start earning money from your passion today by choosing one of these alternative platforms!
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