How to Create and Submit a Blogger Sitemap with Feed Atom.xml

How to Create and Submit a Blogger Sitemap with Feed Atom.xml

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Submitting a sitemap or sitemap to Google Webmaster Tools (GWT) can make the entire content of blogger posts easier and faster to index by Google. For wordpress users it is easier to use sitemap generator plugins, but unfortunately for bloggers there is no such plugin or widget. But don't worry, we can still use our blog's atom.xml feed as a sitemap.

As a webmaster, I'm sure all of you are familiar with Google Webmaster Tools. This tool can help site or blog owners to optimize site publicity and improve SEO. Including one of them to submit our sitemap sitemap. 

For those who are not familiar with GWT, please sign this first with your Google account and verify the ownership of your site/blog.

To submit a blogger - based sitemap, we can take advantage of our blogger atom.xml feed so that Google will better recognize the structure of our blog as a whole. As for how, let's follow these steps:

Update: the easiest way to submit the latest blogger sitemap is now easier. Just add “sitemap.xml” after your blog address. More details as illustrated below:




Creating a Blogspot Sitemap with Atom.xml

From the Dashboard of your GWT account, look at the left pane/left sidebar and click Site Configuration then click Sitemap. 

There you will see a "Submit Sitemap" button with your blog's url, click that button and enter the following code:


Well, like the picture below, what will happen. Don't forget to click the submit sitemap button and you're done.

The code above is the code for the blogger sitemap with the number of posts below 100 . Meanwhile, if the number of posts is above one hundred then add a new sitemap and enter the following code:


For blogs with more than 200 articles , create a new sitemap and enter the following code


And so on, for every number of articles in multiples of a hundred, you must add a new sitemap. All you have to do is change the red code above.

The sitemap that is sent to GWT will help our blog index process better in the eyes of Google. Just check your blog's sitemap regularly, or click "resubmit" if you update the latest post if necessary. 

Good luck!

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